Before Rejuvenation

Before Rejuvenation

After Rejuvenation

After Rejuvenation

Bathroom Rejuvenation Service

I provide a bathroom rejuvenation service across Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire. All types of baths can be deep cleaned and polished:

Cast iron, pressed steel & acrylic.

Previously re-surfaced baths, depending on the condition, can be rejuvenated & repaired.

Any marks or stains are removed and any damage repaired.

The finished result will be determined by the condition of the original surface.

This service is a cheaper alternative to re-surfacing.


New anti-slip applied to baths & shower trays, and replacement of old anti-slip.


Old silicone sealant removed & new silicone applied to baths, shower trays & wash hand basins.

All repairs are guaranteed for 2 years.

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