Bath Rejuvenation Service

Are you in need of a bath rejuvenation?

I provide a bathroom rejuvenation service across Glasgow, Edinburgh & Ayrshire.

All different types of baths can be deep cleaned and polished:

Acrylic/plastic, pressed steel & cast iron baths:

Bath rejuvenation makes sense

This is a far cheaper alternative to bath re-surfacing. I will deep clean your bath using specialist cleaning & degreasing materials.

These cleaners break up the dirt, limescale deposits etc on the surface. I then go over the entire bath with specialist tools to clean it. Any stubborn areas are cleaned by hand.

If there are chips, scratches, cracks etc on the bath these are then repaired.

Finally your bath is polished with several polishing compounds to bring some shine to it!

Bath rejuvenation & what to expect

The finished result all depends on the original condition of your bath to start with. For example, a relatively new and clean bath will have a better finish than a very old and grimy bath.

That said, I have been known to bring back a very old and grimy bath or 2 from near death!!

Bath re-surfacing is different as the whole bath is given a new surface which is sprayed on.

Whilst the end is result is impressive, it is not a cheap service. My bath rejuvenation service is priced from £95 – £125.

Bath re-surfacing is approximately £300 + vat.

You do the maths!!

If you have a bath that has been re-surfaced but is peeling away, chipped or stained, then it can usually be repaired or rejuvenated.
If you’re not sure what your bath needs, I’ll come out and have a look at it and let you know what the best option is. Make me a cup of coffee and I’m happy…..

Sealant Service:

I can remove the old mouldy sealant around your bath, basin or shower tray and replace it with a new anti-mould sealant in the colour of your choice.


If you’re concerned about your safety in the bath, shower tray or floor tiles, I can apply an anti-slip surface to these items.